~ Double J Border Collies ~

Our Facilities & Puppy Care

~ The view from our front yard ~
We are blessed to live in a mountainous valley in beautiful Eastern Oregon. Four hours west of Boise, Idaho, and three hours south of Pendleton, Oregon, our six-acre place is nestled under some cliffs on the outskirts of Mt. Vernon. We have grass pasture and a roping arena, a beautiful creek, and breathtaking views.

~ Newborns are held and loved! ~
Our puppies are whelped in our home and spend their first three weeks in the whelping box with their mother. They are weighed at birth and regularly thereafter. Every puppy is handled every day from birth. They get used to house sounds such as music, sound desensitization CDs, television, washer/dryer, kids playing, and kitchen noise. They are introduced to different smells and textures. They also start service work by visiting the local nursing home and an assisted living facility.
About a week after their eyes open, we move them to the kitchen where they are kept in an x-pen. Here they get introduced to toys, linoleum, carpet, an open crate, a dog bed, and a potty pan (pine pellets in a shallow pan). They get exposed to a sound desensitization CD once their ears start to open. The puppies will start growling and playing with each other during this stage; they definitely hear a lot of household noise and see a lot of activity! They begin playing with toys and most will start using the potty pan by 3-4 weeks of age.
At roughly 4 weeks of age, they move from the kitchen to the insulated puppy shed -- a 16' x 12' building built just for them. This shed houses three 10' x 5' kennels. In their kennel, the puppies have a crate with bedding for sleeping, a potty pan, and free choice water. Daytime hours, they are given open access to the 600 sq ft, smooth-gravel play yard and an adjoining 2000 sq ft, grass yard dedicated entirely to their use. At night, puppies and mom are secured in their pen and the shed doors closed.
Play sessions with Katie and Clay happen multiple times each day and weekly visits to the nursing homes continue. Throughout the remainder of their time with us, the puppies are exposed to as many new sounds, surfaces, sights, smells, and experiences as we can make available.
New toys are introduced and the kids spend time playing and tugging with each and every pup. The puppies eventually get to spend supervised time with our other adult dogs. Puppies are introduced to crates over time and learn to wear a collar and ride in a vehicle. Any puppy that has to fly on an airplane to get to their new home is given extra time in positive crate training (feeding, naps, bully sticks, etc).
Softened kibble is introduced at approximately 4 weeks. The puppies are dewormed regularly starting at 2 weeks of age and given a Distemper/Parvo vaccine at 8 weeks. We start easing into weaning at 6.5 or 7 weeks and the puppies are ready for new homes once they are fully 8 weeks old. Vet checks and temperament testing happen just before the pups are vaccinated. Please don't hesitate to ask about how we care for and prepare our pups for their new homes!